Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Since I became the fanatic lover and gooner, considering it as the unique condition under which intelligence, dignity and human happiness can develop and grow!

I am a fanatic lover of Harimau Malaya and a gooner of Liverpool, considering it as the unique condition under which intelligence, dignity and human happiness can develop and grow. Well I myself have forgotten since when did I became a gooner of these teams. It has been years ago just I couldn't remember it. Whatever it is, I'm still always and forever will be a gooner!

20th November 2011, Chelsea versus Liverpool and the result was 1-2. Jyeah luck is for Liverpool. Congrats! Hahaha I'm watching Live on tv, and yeah of course I'm in my Liverpool jersy. It was a bit miserable in me on that night because Steven Gerrard, hero of the stage was not in the game. Ohmyy! Sorrow.

21st November 2011, there's another BIG match that I believe every Malaysian wont miss it. It was Malaysia versus Indonesia. The result of the match is 1 on 1. Ohmyy! After the extra time, the result remains unchanged. Alhamdulillah. So here we got the bright chances for the penalty kick as our national goal-keeper, Khairul Fahmi Che Mat is the best goal-keeper of the Southeast Asia. Thankyou Fahmi, you really save our country for this game. You should know that there are thousands of millions of Malaysian are putting their hopes on your shoulder though we're not in the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta. All the Malaysian are praying for you and the whole Harimau Malaya to bring back the Gold-medal. Man of the match, Baddrol Bahtiar, Asraruddin Putra Omar, NAZMI FAIZ MANSOR and Irfan Fazail. And the lastman goes to AHMAD FAKRI SAARANI hahaha I'm giving him the Private Award! I love you Nazmi and Fakri. Oh in anyway, we shouldn't forget the warriors though they are not playing in the last match, match of the year. We should be proud of them too, WAN ZAHARUL NIZAM and Izzaq Faris Ramlan. Final result after the penalty kick is 5-4. Yeayyyy we won the Gold-medal. In the other hands, we got the title of The Champion of Southeast Asia. Well men, I love all of you. If over Thailand and Indonesia, they have Red Warriors, but for Malaysia, we have our Super Yellow Warriors.

Yesterday at 12 midnight after the match, my parents suggested to go to the Kuala Lumpur Internatioanl Airport KLIA to welcome those football player. Ohmyy! My brother and I were so eager to go there. We had ready in our garments and waited until 12.30am. Suddenly we fall asleep, shittt! We got so tired shouting, cheering, giving support for the Super Yellow Warriors. Regardless! Sad.

I am proud to be a Malaysian, a Gooner and a Fanatic! I love Super Yellow Warriors.