Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Official account :)

Buddies, this is my new account. Wondering where the hell my previous blog have been missing right? Oh well, since my lovely blog-boyf have been taken away by my super brother, so this is my new one. I create a new blog for him and copy paste all the previous post from my blog on his new blog account so that he can continue typing his stories there. Superb brother! Iloveyou. So he can tell whatever fuck up stories he wished to spill out on his new blog. And I have my privacy on this blog too. I wouldn't tell anything on my privacy matters on this account, instead I'll keep it in my own diary which my only 'brother' can read it. Hee I don't know where the shits I need to start posting on this link since I last updated my previous blog 3months ago I think. I leave it all on his shoulder. Thankyouu super brother for taking care of my blog and all your spontaneous wonderful stories and whatever things we had been through. Hope to read more from you on your new blog soon.

Stop confusing everyone who the man could be the best brother of mine, I won't spill his name here because he already knew who am I talking about and yeah for sure it's you my lovely fella. Yeah it's you brother. TIANG AGAMA. A little hint about his name. That is what the beautiful amazing mean his name brings. Stop spilling secrets about him. I don't want others to think it to the deepest who this man was. Just keep it silent okay, dear readers.

Dear brother, I promise to you that we'll never get into fight ANYMORE. Last week was the last time we fight against each other. I'm real tired with all this nonsense we're fighting over. And I promise to you my lovely fella that we'll stays as brother and sister till the very end because I'm seriously loving you for all my soul. I could never get a brother like you, you'll never be replace that's for sure. Be smart, stay cool and I love you brother. Seriously I really love you my lovely amazing brother :)