Friday, November 11, 2011

One good turn deserves another

One good turn deserves another, am I right people? Well well well! She returns my favour of calling her on my birthday night. 3HOURS. This evening, Dyla Z the Katy Perry of Dato' Sri Amar Di Raja called me. Oh my, seriously I'm touched okay dear! At first, Dyla was like complaining about her birthday yesterday because maxis didn't gave her the free call for her birthday. Yeah of course I am wondering where the hell she have been missing on her birthday, no call and even a single text for me. But then she ended up making silly jokes. She said like 'Maxis dah gilaa. Today baru dapat freecall, semalam masa birthday takdapat! Sedih jehh aku.' Chill sissy. People make mistakes and so the maxis! At least you are still given the free call even it's late than your real birthday.

God, we're on the phone for almost 2hours. Hm lotsa stories we shared together. I mean she told me everything happen in her school. Yeah about the boys, the classmates, the schoolmates and so on. Before she ended the call, she promised to call me tonight. Well, I'm still waiting for her call to my number. Dyla Z, where are you darl? Please please please call me now! There're lotsa stories I need to share and grumble to you. Oh my, dear please make it faster!

P/S Tears are running outta my eyes, shitt! I really need you Dyla Z. All about YOUR SCHOOLMATE ;-(