Thursday, December 1, 2011

Everytime the actual holiday begins.

No one could turn back to their past but everyone can stay in the past. No one could ever turn back the times or either stop the moving times but everyone can stay with times and move accordingly to times.

So this is what I am actually doing, I mean the same thing, the same feeling and the same expression. Well I never get bored or tired to this habit of mine. I am just a human being. Well I said this shits cause I am just like others, could not stop the times nor turn it back. But I am being tough to move on with times and doing the same shits everyday. Its just me, no one could stop me even my mom cause I know what I am doing and I do it cause I really care for it.

It is 1st of December. Everyone might have been wishing like 'Dear December, please be nice with me' but I am not. What God had written for me, they were really meant for me. I just can't go against the fate. And as I am being fatin in this entity, it is a norm thing for me to fall sick everytime when the actual holiday begins. Hahaha. I've used to this situation, I am in fever. It happens cause I really miss you, miss the time we had spent together, miss every midnight moment when I sacrificed to overnight with you, miss the moment we skype till the very morning, miss your sweet words for me, miss the time you caught me missing you so much, miss those moment you talked to me on the phone, miss the moment when you called me 'sweetheart' and gave the best goodnight wishes every single night and miss the time you caught that I am just showing fake little smile. Well my cousins keep on saying that I was just wasting my time on him. I've never care for it cause for me, 'once involved never turn back' and 'once being stolen let the robber have it forever rather than seek for it again'. I just can't stop myself. I knew that I am being ego to the max but I couldn't fight against my own ego.

"Music is the medicine of the breaking heart. Love is the potion of the lonely heart."