Thursday, December 22, 2011

To be honest to each of you, I'll tell the truth then.

It was a perfect confession on facebook, 22nd December 2011. We're finally in a relationship. Ouch did I purposely said 'finally'? Okay it was just a prank dear fellas! It was real hard for me to get into a serious relay or even falling in-love or maybe admiring somebody which I myself not noticing it. Oh that was awesome isn't it? But that was truly me. I promised to never allow my heart to fall in-love with any guy or pretty well any other guy in this moment being. It was a swear, promise and pledge as well to myself, my parents, my siblings and mostly towards my beloved awesome brother, Azriesham. Yeah since I believe that 'Perfect Heaven Match comes from the Mighty Allah', so that was just a simple promise.

And to those people seeing the prank on my relay status on facebook, dear friends, it was just a game. Muhammad Rezulhakim Bin Hamdan is just a close friend to me. And I swear he's the best man, the best friend I've ever met in this big universe. He was so nice, patient, caring, loving with passion. He's willing to help me in whatever mess I'm in. He is able to sacrifice for me, doing anything even it would be so stupid for him, but he'll try his best to help me figure things out like what he just did for me, get into a fake snoob relay.

Oh to a guy called 'A', I'm really sorry for not telling you the whole story with what had happen lately. 'Cause I'm not going to trouble you, not going to disturb you with your life, not going to ask about your status anymore. Hard sorry for not texting you a whole month since I'm not going to search even find you if ever you're not finding me. I know you're just okay over there. Sorry 'cause I'm dreaming of you that day. Oh I mean every single night in my bed. It was just a nonsense nightmare and I might never tell you about that, never worry about that. I'm pretty sure you'll be much much happy without me filling your day. Am I right?

Parents, I'll keep all my promises towards each of you. Thankyou mom for understanding this situation. And dad, you're such the best father in the whole world that one could ever ask for, you're yet so caring, loving. Thankyou for being with me in every thick and thin I went through. To be honest, I love all of you.