Sunday, January 8, 2012

The things on the table mess-up when you entered the room.

I wonder why is it so hard for people to hold onto promises they made. Why were promises always broken? What is for some fortune in the after? Or to punish for something that we did wrong in the past? Or to teach us a lesson that failed is the first step towards success.

Human changes. Fate stays. Karma reflects. That is how life flows. We should be tough enough to live the life that we had to enjoy the sorrows of yesterday and laughter of tomorrow.I am so grateful to have Allah's fate on my life. He gives me sickness and shorten my age. Even I won't stay longer, at least I've got instinct to that. I'll be having an operation in 7days time. May luck always with me.

Though it hurts me alot when I got to know about this no-joking news, yeah at least Allah had given all the chances for me. I was being loved by a guy and Allah gives me the opportunity to put some sort of love in my soul for him. Swear that I've never feel the touch of love from outsider before but he was the one and only. I thanked Allah for putting this unconditional love for him even he just loved me for once. But I bet that he will fall in love again with me because of his swear in the name of Allah. I trust that every people making a pledge with Allah's name will surely fulfill it. They won't dare to go against it as they wouldn't want to have a tragic death for breaking it.

Dear MAR, I trust you. I've never left you either waited for you. I just let it be nice with the flow. If ever you turn back to be with me, I believe that you're really meant for me. As if you never change and never want to come back, I just wish you a thousands of happiness and may you life with the blessing of Allah.

Dear MA, I thanked you so much for coming into my life and bring the bright shines to my day. If it happens that we are being together, we will meet again somehow. You mess up the table when you entered the room. You've made me in dilemma either to stay with the one and only or to try very hard on you.

Whatever it is, I still let the only Allah to determine it. I've no power to choose.